The Danger To Them (My Poem)

Hello again. Today I am sharing this writing piece because I believe it is powerful,

and I personally think it is my best poem this year, being familiar with poems for 2 & 1/2 years.

Hope you enjoy it!


A climbing moon upon an endless sky,

All the lamentation on the leaves

Blotting out the Moon’s cry

as Four are doomed to die.


5 old, grey, full of sleep.

Ageing faster then they can weep.

Sitting there, Feeling the heat

Unable to prowl the streets.


Peirce the woods damp shade,

Dance upon the hither shore,

Summon out the oceans beast

Dissmiss all Dishevelled stars.


The Dead of Night,

Your eyes so green.

Don’t blame on me,

Blame on thee.


Take you into his strong care,

No love, breach or long hairs

Can reach out and grab you fair,

Destruct your land, breach your land.


The danger to them,

The danger to thee.

It lurks around the corner,

Coming for you,

Coming for me.

Prepare to lose,

For it’s all about what you choose.


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