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It sits there, tear by tear.

Crying, wails far and near.

He sits there, moon blotted out.

Killed from earth by its misty gout.


Screaming water rushes by.

I sit there, needing to cry.

But unable, voice hoarse.

Thick falls drop.

Tears of remorse.


Dead near,

He shakes with fear.

What has Nature done?

If he could turn the clock,

Make it stop,

He would ordain.


I cried and trembled, rocked to and fro.

Riddled by darkness,

Confused by the death bed that is sent

From which I am meant.


Rain beaten clouds litter the sky,

As we back up,

Wails to cry.

Water inside, nowhere to go.

Will God takes us into his farie?

Or sustain, outlast the sky, forever be?

Is it time to say goodbye?



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