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Infographic (made by ME:0)

australiavsfranceThis is MY infographic on Australia V.S Rrance in matters like Mobile Phone count, Capital cities, Education and Health percentage of fundings (Out of G.D.P) (Gross Domestic Product), and Life expectancy.

Do you have any feedback? If this was you, would you add anything else?

Thank you for your support,

Tyler_eSmart, owner of this blog.

The Evolution of Gaming

Hello, Readers!

Today, I shall be sharing my knowledge on the EVOLUTION OF GAMING, for my passion project. We had to choose a subject we were interested in, but didn’t know much about! It was a personal  struggle, but i decided on the Evolution Of Gaming. Enjoy!

Here are some fun facts:

-There are HUNDREDS of games alltogether, yet, 50 years ago, you were lucky to have found a couple of video games 😉

-Nintendo did not always sell games! They first sold Playing cards! Then, in the 1960’s, they experimented with Vaccums, instant rice, and short stay hotels! :0

I hope you learnt something from these facts, and if you have any knowledge, please don’t hesitate to reply!

Thank you!



A leaf fall; Depression falls over me

A thousand servants falling to their knees.

Wise and humble, beckoning them up.

Then they fall back down, He rots to stump.


Guardians of the forests,

Rulers of a kingdom.

High and low; mountain and hill, deppression and cleft.

Suffering and plauge.

A killing disease.

Wipes mud off a shoe;

Water off a cup, no more, if you please!

Then Blossoms release, and world is at ease