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dead in water.

Dead in Water


Lay down, forever to date.

Let agony of water wash away

The utter sadness, the bitter pain.


A climbing moon upon a restless sky.

A glowing night, killing mine.

Clouds blot out the man’s cry.


May you float away to evermore peace,

Let time take it’s evermore toil.

Till your body rests in soil.


Lay down, forever to date.

Let agony of water wash away

The utter sadness, the bitter pain.


A setting moon, a lighted sky.

Let your soul set free and fly.

May your life be remembered in mine.

I say goodbye.


By Tyler 6R

How do you feel reading this poem? Do you have any feedback?

(This is based on an old tradition of laying dead in canoes, then pushing them into water)

Setting up the the Disasters Downunder Showcase (Non-literal story)

Everywhere I turn, an array of dazzling bright posters drape down, a waterfall of colour and excitement. Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey and Black. You name it, the colour was present.

Fire danced along the walls, burning its path and whirling up a smoke storm. Breathtaking waves, the size of mountains came crashing down, battling the enragement of the flames. Tremors shook the ground, rumbling like a starved and enraged stomach after a hike. Giant hot mountains, the rulers of them all, volcanoes, stood poised, masking the sky into inky blackness. Giant issues of smoke and ash spew out the tops, burning and killing all in its path. Millions of tonnes of melted metal and hot rock poured down an edge of, a downfall of liquid fire. I stand there, perplexed by the sudden, upmost reality.






By Tyler.

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It sits there, tear by tear.

Crying, wails far and near.

He sits there, moon blotted out.

Killed from earth by its misty gout.


Screaming water rushes by.

I sit there, needing to cry.

But unable, voice hoarse.

Thick falls drop.

Tears of remorse.


Dead near,

He shakes with fear.

What has Nature done?

If he could turn the clock,

Make it stop,

He would ordain.


I cried and trembled, rocked to and fro.

Riddled by darkness,

Confused by the death bed that is sent

From which I am meant.


Rain beaten clouds litter the sky,

As we back up,

Wails to cry.

Water inside, nowhere to go.

Will God takes us into his farie?

Or sustain, outlast the sky, forever be?

Is it time to say goodbye?



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The Danger To Them (My Poem)

Hello again. Today I am sharing this writing piece because I believe it is powerful,

and I personally think it is my best poem this year, being familiar with poems for 2 & 1/2 years.

Hope you enjoy it!


A climbing moon upon an endless sky,

All the lamentation on the leaves

Blotting out the Moon’s cry

as Four are doomed to die.


5 old, grey, full of sleep.

Ageing faster then they can weep.

Sitting there, Feeling the heat

Unable to prowl the streets.


Peirce the woods damp shade,

Dance upon the hither shore,

Summon out the oceans beast

Dissmiss all Dishevelled stars.


The Dead of Night,

Your eyes so green.

Don’t blame on me,

Blame on thee.


Take you into his strong care,

No love, breach or long hairs

Can reach out and grab you fair,

Destruct your land, breach your land.


The danger to them,

The danger to thee.

It lurks around the corner,

Coming for you,

Coming for me.

Prepare to lose,

For it’s all about what you choose.


Vote for the S.T.A.R.R.R Party!

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